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Why Does Paul Ryan Hate Women?

I wrote this for Loop21, where I am a political contributor.

I’ve never really believed in the notion of “bad” words. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve long believed that some words are inappropriate in some situations — for example, an emphatic f-bomb in the middle of a sermon, or a muttered “
merde” in the presence of elders. But both my parents have been known to use a well-timed curse and I learned early that words only carry the power you grant them. But there are some words that I don’t use, not because some moral authority says they are dirty, but because they come with bloody, painful yesterdays, and not-yet-scabbed over todays.

The n-word is one. The f-word is another (no, the other f-word). Two weeks ago, the Republican Party added a phrase to the short list: “legitimate rape.” It made its debut in a television appearance by Missouri congressman Todd Akin during an explanation of his stance on abortion (he’s against it, even in cases of rape), and I felt sick to my stomach when I heard it. It’s bad enough that someone who represents the good folks of many St. Louis suburbs has a view of rape that is not based on any type of reality and is especially offensive to millions of women who have suffered the pain and humiliation of rape. But when it was quickly revealed that the Republican Party’s pick to run for Vice President of this country has worked closed with Akin to limit the rights of women, this election took on a renewed sense of urgency. In the time since Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan was announced as Mitt Romney’s running mate, much has come to light about his record and his views. During his announcement speech, Romney said of Ryan: “He’s a person of great steadiness, whose integrity is unquestioned.”

But I beg to differ. This man, husband to Janna, father to Liza, son to Betty, seems to have a deep, abiding disregard for women. How else can you explain his positions on the issues that matter most to the fairer sex?

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I’m Kenrya Rankin Naasel, a lifestyle + parenting expert who—after much prodding from her friends—decided to share her hippie-dippie Black chick mama life.